“I liked the writing of the story, and the wordplay (and alliterative) title was perfect.  The characters were interesting and well-acted.  The sound and music (nice original tune!) really fit and it all was very polished and professional.”
- Leo B.
Come along for the ride
A film written and directed by Michael W. Dodge
Second Story is a film about two people whose chance encounter is extended by a mechanical breakdown. This is Michael W. Dodge’s first film as writer and director. Inspired by the story of a friend’s father who has been trapped in elevators multiple times, Michael’s research discovered that most elevators are fixed in about 10 minutes, the perfect length of a short film. He realized that a stuck elevator gives the characters a ticking clock and nullifies the modern deus ex machina, the smartphone. Being trapped denies them their coping mechanisms and exposes their vulnerabilities. The romantic comedy has a tradition of young lovers but this film looks at those who have already been down the road of marriage and children.
Starring Katie Prentiss & James Sweet
Written and directed by Michael W. Dodge
Produced by Christina M. Dodge
Cinematography by Jordyn Marvin-Battersby
Costuming by Miriam Talus
Special Effects by Monty Wolfe

Festival News:

Festivals we have been selected for:

Montreal Independent Film Festival
New York Independent Cinema Awards
Independent Shorts Awards
IndieX Film Festival
Best Shorts Competition
Indie Short Fest

Festivals that we have won awards:

Independent Shorts Awards:

Gold Award Best Acting Duo: Katie Prentiss and James Sweet for Second Story (USA)

Silver Award Best Romantic Short: Second Story by Michael W. Dodge (USA)

Bronze Award Best Production Design: Second Story (USA)

IndieX Film Festival:

Best Actress: Katie Prentiss for Second Story (USA)

Best Actor: James Sweet for Second Story (USA)

Best Shorts Competition:

Award of Merit for Best Short

Indie Short Fest:

Outstanding Achievement Award (Romantic Comedy Short): Second Story by Michael W. Dodge (USA)

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